Lesson a Billionaire Receives from a Gardener in Kyoto|億万長者が受けた京都の庭師のレッスン


少し前に、ついに Appleの時価総額を抜いた NVIDIA。自分自身も億万長者であるこの創業者は、そのファッションとユニークなトークで非常に人気がありますね。私も彼のクリスピーな英語トークが大好きです。その彼が、人生で最も素敵な学習は、京都の庭師から受けたと語っています。


言うまでもなく、地球上で最も「時給」が高いリーダーなので、その時間を自分に割いてもらうことに対して謝る人には、「大丈夫、気にするな。 俺は暇なんで」と応じるところがかっこいいですよね。単純に見えて、深い労働倫理とリーダーシップだと思います。

Not long ago, NVIDIA finally surpassed Apple’s market capitalization. The billionaire founder himself is very popular now for his fashion and unique talk. I also love his crisp English talk. He said that the nicest learning experience in his life was one he received from a gardener in Kyoto.

That gardener, who prepares and cleans the garden of the Ginkakuji Temple, said that while working his job with an eye for details, “I do careful work because I have a lot of time on my hands”. This is where CEO Jensen’s philosophy came from, he said, that once he had finished the highest priority work for himself, the rest of his job was to be carefully involved in the tasks of others.

Needless to say, he is one of the highest “hourly-paid” leader on the planet, so when people apologize to him for taking up his time for them, he always responds, “Don’t worry about it. I have time.” It’s cool that he responds that way. It may look simple, but I think it’s a deep work ethic and an example of leadership.

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