First “foreign” media interview for our family|我が家で最初の外国メディアによる取材

昨晩、うちの長男がFMT(Free Malaysia Today)の取材を受けました。このオンライン専門の全国紙(…正確には「紙」ではないが)は、2009年に活動を始めた新しい新聞社です。オンラインに特化していることもあり、記事掲載の意思決定が速くフットワークが軽いみたいで、それも今回、彼が取材されることになった1つの理由なのでしょう。私も妻も日本メディアには取材されていますが、「外国」メディアによるものでは、我が家で初めてです。a good job!



Last night, our older son was interviewed by FMT (Free Malaysia Today ). This nation-wide newspaper (…not exactly a “paper,” though) publishing itself in online is a new initiative that started its activities in 2009. Since they specialize in only online, they seem to be quick in decision-making and light on footwork when it comes to picking news for articles, which is probably one of the reasons why our son was chosen for the interview this time. My wife and I have both been interviewed several times by the Japanese media, both newspapers and TVs, but this is the first time for our family to be interviewed by a “foreign” media. A good accomplishment for a global person.

It was about his independent study and volunteer activities on the Japanese military’s Malayan Operation, especially the “Kota Bharu Landing,” the start of the Asia-Pacific War, which our son Jay has been working. Last July, he went on a war site tour with Mr Zaf, a Kota Bharu’s own military history geek with whom we had corresponded before (see this article for the report). While compiling the results of his independent research into a pamphlet of about 10 pages (in Japanese/English), he is also making a leaflet of the main exhibits at the “War Museum” in Kota Baharu, which is also visited by Japanese tourists, since there is no Japanese translation at all there. He makes a website for the museum since there is none. At the end of this month, Mr Zaf and he will be conducting a tour of the local war sites using these materials to the Japanese living in Malaysia. When he told several newspapers about these series of activities, FMT immediately contacted him and asked him to cover the whole thing.

Jay said, “It is weird and embarrassing that Japanese people have no knowledge of the negative history of past invasions, even though Malaysians today are so friendly with us Japanese folks. I’m not sure about those ‘responsibility for war’ things, but at least, we need to know the history to be fair.” His dad agrees. FMT is planning to interview Mr Zaf later soon, which will be compiled into a newspaper article. I will let you know when it gets published.

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