Get your mighty passports ready!|世界一強いパスポートを持つ民

Needless to say, when it comes to training in a very unusual environment that boosts the brain and forces you to be mindful and focused in the moment, traveling foreign countries is the best way to go. Many of us have experienced bursts of creativity during and after our travels.

As you know, Japanese citizens have the strongest passports on the planet. Yet, only a small percentage of passport holders use this trump card frequently.

What a waste. It is so easy to get a ticket to the “other world”…. By all means, save your money and come and use the passport for 10 days rather than wasting it on “fulfilling material desires” that have been scientifically proven not to boost happiness much.

Not only will your life be richer, but I can assure you that your learning and business will be of much higher quality.

Especially in the future, when innovation is the only way to survive, I think the skill of “using a passport” is almost indispensable. Yes, it’s definitely a “skill”.




人生が豊かになるだけでなく、自分の本業の研究や ビジネスも、格段に質が上がりますこと請け合い。

特に、イノベーションがなければ生存できない これからの時代、ほとんど必須なスキルだと思いますけどね、”パスポートを使う”というスキル。

(Photo by ConvertKit on Unsplash

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