Meeting with the esteemed President Deguchi of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University!|遂に尊敬する立命館アジア太平洋大学の出口治明学長とお会いする!

In early November, I took a little 10-day family trip to Japan. The main purpose was not doing a series of seminars, which I often do when I’m back in Japan, but to participate in an open campus event at a university that my eldest son likes to attend. The university is Ritsumeikan APU. It is a kick-ass university whose president is Haruaki Deguchi, one of the most powerful Japanese global elite leaders living today, whom I have been paying attention to ever since he became the President and whom I respect much.

I will not write about Mr. Deguchi’s greatness and achievements , as they would take up endless pages. He is a well-educated business and educational leader who is well-known for emphasizing “people, books, and travel” as the essential ingredients for the younger generation like college students. I have always wanted to meet him. When he suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in January 2009 and returned to the presidency in earnest in April 2010, I was truly astonished, and my respect for him grew even stronger. This time, we just had a commemorative photo with our family, including the incoming president, Dr. Yoneyama. But I’m sure I would be able to talk with Mr. Deguchi in person sometime soon. He was a very impressive leader with a strong handshake and a soft smile.



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